Parking Technology

License Plate Technology

Our cutting-edge solution ensures rule compliance within your parking facility through the identification of various violations. This includes detecting vehicles surpassing the designated maximum stay, those lacking a valid permit, or failing to complete the required parking payment. Using our advanced license plate recognition cameras, violations are promptly identified and processed. Subsequently, a parking charge is seamlessly issued to the vehicle’s registered owner for resolution.

How It Works

Welcome to our innovative parking management system that ensures smooth operations and fair enforcement. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how our system functions:

Step 1: Clear Contractual Agreements Signs featuring our terms and conditions are strategically positioned throughout the parking lot, forming a binding contract between the driver and the property owner. This upfront communication sets the stage for a transparent and mutually respectful parking experience.

Step 2: Intelligent Camera Surveillance Our state-of-the-art camera network is strategically deployed to effectively monitor vehicle entries and exits from the parking lot. These cameras employ advanced image recognition technology to capture and analyze license plate information, enabling precise tracking of vehicles and their activities.

Step 3: Advanced Data Analysis Upon capturing vehicle data, our system employs sophisticated algorithms to cross-reference the information against permit lists, duration regulations, or parking payment logs. This meticulous data analysis identifies any instances of parking violations, ensuring that parking rules are consistently upheld.

Step 4: Accurate Violation Detection Upon detecting a potential violation, our system validates the accuracy of the data and confirms the breach of parking regulations. This automated process minimizes human error and ensures fair and equitable enforcement.

Step 5: Seamless License Plate Lookup We access official records from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to obtain accurate and up-to-date license plate details of the vehicle in question. This information is crucial to proceed with the enforcement process.

Step 6: Convenient Payment Process A parking charge, corresponding to the violation, is generated and promptly sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. This charge is conveniently communicated through mail, enabling an efficient and hassle-free payment process.

Payment Technology

We understand that parking can be a hassle, and paying for parking is often a tedious task. That’s why we’re excited to offer a range of payment options to make your parking experience as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Whether you prefer traditional payment methods or cutting-edge technology, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the payment options we offer:

Our Pay-Station payment option is perfect for those who prefer traditional payment methods. With Pay-Station, you can pay for parking using cash or credit card. Simply insert your payment into the machine, and you’ll receive a printed receipt to display in your vehicle. Pay-Station is available at all of our parking locations and is a reliable and secure payment option.

For those who prefer to pay using their mobile device, we offer Mobile Pay. With Mobile Pay, you can pay for parking using your smartphone, eliminating the need for cash or credit cards. Simply download our mobile app and create an account. When you arrive at a parking location, simply scan the QR code displayed on the parking sign, select your parking duration, and confirm payment. You’ll receive a confirmation on your phone and can even set up notifications to alert you when your parking time is running out. Mobile Pay is a convenient and secure payment option that allows you to pay for parking from anywhere, at any time.

Scan 2 Pay is a contactless payment option that enables drivers to conveniently pay for their parking by scanning a QR code using their smartphone. This technology eliminates the need for drivers to carry cash or credit cards. By simply scanning the code, drivers can quickly and securely pay for their parking and get on with their day.

Text 2 Pay is another convenient payment option that allows drivers to pay for their parking using their mobile phone. All they need to do is send a text message to the designated number, and the payment is processed automatically. This technology is particularly useful for drivers who are in a hurry and need to pay for their parking quickly and easily.

Reporting Technology

At Royal Parking, meticulous and precise records of parked vehicles and the revenue generated from our parking facilities are our commitment to you. Every month, we provide comprehensive reports that present an overview of the total gross revenue and, more importantly, your entitled share of this revenue.

Transparency is paramount, and our dedication to this principle is evident in our real-time reporting system. Our advanced software not only captures real-time parking sessions and revenue, but it also allows for seamless auditing, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your investment is being managed with the utmost integrity.

Rest assured, all operational records are readily accessible for your review at any reasonable time. With Royal Parking, staying informed about the performance of your parking facility has never been more effortless and insightful.

Contact Royal Parking Management Services

In addition to providing innovative payment solutions, we also offer excellent customer service and support. Our team is available to assist with any questions or issues that may arise, and we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients are completely satisfied with our services.

If you are a parking operator looking to enhance your parking payment options, or if you are a driver looking for a more convenient way to pay for parking, our Scan 2 Pay and Text 2 Pay technologies are the perfect solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you improve your parking operations.