Gateless Parking

Gateless Parking Systems

For business owners, providing easily accessible parking to customers can play an important role in making sure people visit as often as possible. This is especially true when it comes to retailers who operate in busy downtown areas. Customers appreciate not having to circle the block several times just to find a space. But what happens to these parking lots outside of regular business hours? All too often, they sit empty when they could be generating revenue.

Even if you close your doors at 5 or 6 pm, your business can still be earning money through a gateless parking system from Royal Parking. People may still be visiting your area to eat dinner, listen to concerts, or attend other special events and they need parking. Instead of posting “No Parking” signs and counting on someone to monitor the lot, you can use technology to charge for parking to make some money off this valuable piece of property that is being underutilized.

How It Works

With gateless parking systems, the customers can pay via an onsite pay station, mobile app, or text to park system. Technology makes it so that neither you nor the customers have to worry about handling cash. Everything is securely done electronically for convenient parking.

As part of our gateless parking system services, we also offer parking enforcement services. You can make sure that the system is being used properly and customers are not staying over their allotted time. Leave the details up to us and earn passive income every month from a parking lot that would otherwise go used. 

Gateless parking systems are the future of data and technology-driven parking solutions that provide customers with more convenient parking options and businesses with additional revenue sources. To learn more about this service and how we can help you take advantage of gateless parking opportunities, contact us today.

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