Royal Parking Mission Statement

Royal Parking is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of customer service and creating impeccable impressions for the clients we serve. We:

  • Strictly adhere to Five Star and Five Diamond standards
  • Take pride in keeping a polished uniform and professional look
  • Believe in personal growth
  • Treat teammates and clients with the highest respect
  • Strive to create fond, lasting impressions
  • Maintain honesty and integrity in everything we do

Our valet training makes the difference
Most valet parking companies deliver the same cookie-cutter training program to every new employee. Not Royal Parking. Our proven three-part training approach is called Royal Parking University and includes on-site pre-training, customized training sessions and post-training coaching. This training is designed to deliver a tailor-made parking program for your establishment.

Royal Parking valets don’t just park cars — they are trained to add to the patron’s overall experience by providing excellent customer service above and beyond their duties.

Our transportation service fleet includes:

  • Sedan: 3 passenger capacity
  • Vans: 13 passenger capacity
  • Minibusses: 38 passenger capacity
  • SUV: 5 passenger capacity
  • Coach Bus: 56 passenger capacity (coach buses have a minimum daily rate)

 ( Find more details about our fleet and services on the website of our sister company EcoStyle by visiting )

Royal Parking is able to customize our uniform to suit to any event. We also include signs, key boxes, tickets, radios and all other necessary equipment for the management of a successful event.